3ymuk3u Classic Movies

A Little Princess (1995) – A real miracle

This is the second film by director Alfonso Cuarón was released in 1995, “A Little Princess” distinct from the rest of his career. When not focused on weighty topics of religion, faith, universe, apocalypse, even unused long shots featured machine, Cuaron still a way to make children’s films became special know. By his own magic.

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Technique of Montage

What is ADR and whether or not to use it

If you’ve ever worked behind the scenes, you’ll know how important it is to keep quiet when the assistant director takes the start of the scene. Unfortunately, there are some uncontrollable sounds, such as the sound of airplanes, actors or filmmakers suddenly coughing, or even car horns. This required the recording after recording, which was […]

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Last Days of the year

Since I was in high school, I went to school and worked far away, so sometimes I only went to the street near my home for the whole year. Today is such a day. I walked, slowly watched the time of my daily life drifting through the small streets … there were old shops that […]

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Self-portrait and Female sensory distribution in creative documentary

“Creative documentary” is a positioning of how new films appear in Vietnamese film discourse about 7-8 years ago, mainly distributed in the DocLab community, a documentary center. Experiment and motion picture was born in 2009 in Hanoi. The land of Vietnam in the post-innovation and globalization period with abundant landscapes, the digital revolution of film […]

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