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Interstellar (2014) – The wonder of the love…

July 19, 2020

First, I must say that “Interstellar”  is the un-perfect movie. But in some cases, we accept imperfect things perfectly, such like the love.

In the latest film by Christopher Nolan – had said before that I am not a fanboy of him and The Dark Knight Rise is the movie I would never spend money to buy tickets on the door, if selected again – I really appreciate experience in the 3 hour movie length. Roger Ebert once said “no good movie is too long” and Instertellar sufficiently attractive, seamless, dramatic, emotional enough to fasten our seat down until the last second. One illustration of the relativity of Einstein’s time, like when watching Cloud Atlas 2 years ago or watch a football game or, time passes quickly.

When the last scene shows up, it felt like just finished reading a science fiction book of the former Soviet Union. As the book with yellowed colors, letters obscure, long neck or torn pages, sold for cash equal to coins at a used bookstore, ever made me throughout childhood fascination. During the Cold War, there is a race between the USSR and the US another, next to the arms race, the space race (the climax is when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon in 1969, was mentioned in a small detail). Soviet writers in this trend was towards concerns about the endless space out there and give birth to many works wonders. One of them has been transformed into the film Solaris (1973). Of course, the forecast of the decline of the Earth and the search for life beyond the planet is one of the leading themes.

That was the mission of Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), a talented engineer but became Nasa farmers, living in a near future when food became scarce. Sandstorm is a problem that each crop turn to die. People do not need engineers or machines anymore, a slightly ironic way, agriculture – one of the first and basic job of civilization, but is depreciating in our time, return time gold. Son Tom is expected to succeed him, while her daughter inherited intelligence Murphy scientifically father. A breakdown of the magnetic field, or something similar, Murphy’s happening in the room, leading the way for the father found two secret base of Nasa, now operate independently under the leadership of Dr. Brand (Michael Caine – his 6th film joins Nolan). He suggested Cooper project participants to space, along with her daughter Amelie (Anne Hathaway) His and two other scientists, hoping to find a planet humans can live. To save the earth, save the future generations, to save her daughter loved Murphy, Cooper agreed.

I’m lucky to be reading the book ‘Space’ (Cosmo) by Carl Sagan, the book I thought it must be classified as a must-docvoi college students in all countries, only a few weeks before the film screening. There are chapters Sagan explained clearly the concepts deep hole, black hole, relativity, traveling through space-time, space on the 4th and 5th dimensions, alien life, the act refined environment suitable for life, Murphy’s law … and that is the favorite subject, so I have no difficulty in understanding and reception of theories. Nolan, like in Inception, had to spend a significant amount of time to explain, it is inevitable, and sometimes beat films do have problems, but not serious. Just like a scratch on the ceiling, but you do not pay any attention to. But he has to understand the theory or not, huge decision about your favorite movie or not. One difficulty for the film genre, must set out “law” (here is physics, albeit fictional) and comply with all laws that, yet, also have to make sure the audience is receptive be it.

After traveling in dreams, Christopher Nolan gave audiences to another place no less spectacular, is the universe. Last year, Cuaron also leads us to the universe, but only in a space station in Earth orbit. This summer, for the first time also included Marvel heroes travel to other planets, to fight with enemy forces from many, civilization, race. But the film is not one of them can bring any great feeling, like Interstellar overwhelmed. Creating space spectacular, epic based on visual effects and audio creation, has always been the strength of Nolan. But he did not simply “hit the right notes” in this film, he brought that experience to a new level. Music by Hans Zimmer, as always, extremely fit. There are many scenes of excellence in combining images and music, but if I had to choose, I am extremely impressed with the scene chased the top movie spy plane, and the climax scene before flying into a black hole . My heart pounding, difficulty breathing and that I almost forgot everything around, the drop into the footage. The other planets, though the use of computer technology and occupies relatively little amount of time, but there is both familiar and strange realism necessary, to make viewers admiring. Maybe people expect a film exploring strange planets, will feel a little disappointed. But they will forget quickly, and are offset by the growing acts of progress.

There are some more reminiscent of 2001: A Space Odyssey, a gesture to show respect for classical works of Stanley Kubrick, which in return Tuesday, I thought, would be to experience the color backdrops excellent again as in 2001, though not yet very interesting. However, one should not compare the experience between Interstellar and 2001, because of the nature is very different. Nolan’s film entertaining, at the surface, in direct contact with the audience and sensory stimulation to promote the highest level, while suggestive bore Kubrick’s film, touches the senses deep inside in. Interstellar like a rock, or electronica, those of “epic music” or hear it on youtube, while 2001 was a classical symphony. Both bring the epic in a specific way.

Interstellar is not a film “journey” to the characters know each other and have feelings, as between Cooper and Amelia or among the crew. Along with the wonders of the universe, Nolan attempts to talk up the wonders of love. Specifically here is parental love between Cooper and Murphy through, overcome distance space of time, and then connected together to save the Earth. Powerful kind of love is greater than gravity, or the laws of physics. Admittedly, this is not his strength. The first treatment segment of the Nolan films is quite clumsy and hasty, largely due to the limited amount of film. The dialogue is somewhat unfair to make and explain openly about the current state of the world, or as a piece of “manifesto” is read as in the book of Anne Hathaway, thankfully made up for by the dramatic details follow. One other good luck, Interstellar get a full set of internal resources actor. Matthew McConaughey has excelled in emotional scenes needed. Cooper is not the role requires sacrifice or perhaps earned him an Oscar as Dallas Buyers Club, his acting was very memorable. Especially in the home side’s Nolan, with insufficient linkages certainty, McConaughey has been revived and has rounded movie scenes. May take a few tears, with the audience easily shaken. No a lot of scenes, but the actor “notch” in Hollywood as Anne Hathaway, Matt Damon, and Jessica Chastain have completed their responsibilities, not outstanding, but good enough. No one can complain.

I’m not saying that Nolan succeeded in bringing a spiritual inspiration of the universe, like Kubrick did, or religious inspiration, or inspiration of love – a beautiful and strange things of man. Yes, if there’s something people can save, it is love and sacrifice, not science. At least, not the science that lacks love. Nolan just touching the surface of the issues that he raised. Other people do a lot better. If talk about love can rise above all scientific concepts, see Solaris, when the man told the ghost of his wife not true that “you have for him is more important than all that science stuff. “If you talk about the relationship between the divine nature-generation parents and children, is the source of human survival, see children of Men. If talking about loneliness and the meaning of existence, see the Moon (2009). What about Interstellar nothing?

To me, this is a movie that brings many memories, like a movie I always wanted to see, but no one has made. All those things, about space travel, time travel, visualized how the spatial dimensions, about the connection between the vast and endless little things, like love and a little room , think, a 5th-dimensional space is to take in a giant black hole – easily engulf the earth one thousand, and the room of a baby girl, I love them and they’re familiar with. I had the feeling that the film Interstellar I’ve seen in a long from childhood, and always remember it, only to have forgotten the details. Though not perfect, but Nolan did well what he is good at, in the interlocked circumstances, connect them, a circle of close and I love the textured film circle, no reason nothing special. An open end is not confusing and frustrating as Inception, but beautiful and deposition. Interstellar carries the colors of a fairy tale, a fairy tale told by the stars.

I cherish every moment in the film, and ensure that the theater will be back for more again. A film entirely devoted to cinema, no doubt, even if no 3D fashionable trend – I admire Nolan refused when significant profits that way. See the 3D glasses today is still a disaster. Currently, he has a new movie theater under the 3-dimensional space as well, but without glasses, called Screen X. Instead 3D camcorder, the way this film uses 3 cameras, front and both sides of the frame. Cinemas will be similar to the third screen, front and two to the side, creating a 3D effect entirely new way. Ie in a racing scene, you can look inside and see the two buildings being left behind. This technology has only been tested in Korea limited. Sitting in the theater that I would just imagine how Interstellar with Screen X, and look forward someday.

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