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What is ADR and whether or not to use it

May 13, 2020
If you’ve ever worked behind the scenes, you’ll know how important it is to keep quiet when the assistant director takes the start of the scene. Unfortunately, there are some uncontrollable sounds, such as the sound of airplanes, actors or filmmakers suddenly coughing, or even car horns. This required the recording after recording, which was called ADR. So what is ADR in the movie and should you use it? Let’s find out in the sections below via

Learn about ADR

Proper use of ADR will contribute to the success of a movie. But it is up to you to decide whether or not to use ADR. Some developers don’t like using ADR, while others are very fond of using it and claim that ADR saved their movie. So in order to make the right decision, it is probably best to know exactly what ADR is.

Definition of ADR

ADR, also known as film dubbing, is the process of recording sound in a more controlled and quiet environment, usually in a studio. It involves recording the original actor’s dialogue after recording as a way to improve the sound quality or reflect the changes of the dialogue.

ADR stands for Automated Dialog Replacement, meaning Automatic Conversation Replacement, also known as “looping”. In the early days, when conversation replacement was first made, each recorded line of dialogue would use a movie loop that played back and forth in a loop.

How is ADR recorded?

Despite ADR developments in the film, it still requires a lot of effort to make. The implementation of ADR takes place in what we call the ADR (ADR sessions) in which the actor has to watch a scene several times, simultaneously listening to the original sound of that scene through the headphones. They then replay each conversation to match the movement of the lips, words and expressions.

This process can also be separated into Visual ADR and Audio ADR. Visual ADR is when actors watch a scene while recording their lines, while Audio ADR refers to the process of actors only reviewing footage and listening through headphones.

ADR recording in your movies

Should we avoid using ADR in our movies or should we use it? Your movie will definitely fail if the sound is not good. Implementing and using ADR is a difficult task, but you can master it through practice. Visit for more info.


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