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Terminology for Screenwriters (part 2)

July 7, 2019
Following the first article on professional terms related to the profession of screenwriting. Today’s article will continue this topic. Visit to learn more about filmmaking.
Good In A Room

This is a phrase for people / teams, such as: representatives, managers, executives … who make the right, wise choices, contribute to bring Good, effective ideas in a discussion.

For example: “He came in with great energy, was hilarious, great story – totally good in a room” – He was very enthusiastic, funny, his story was great – an excellent leader

11. Hip Pocket

This refers to a situation where someone agrees to be your representative or the project you are working on but doesn’t actually sign a contract to represent you – this is like a probationary period in business.

In fact, you might hear them say this: “I will make a few calls and send your product to someone with expertise, if the sales result is positive then I will officially be the one on your behalf. If not, I have to find other people. ”

For example:“ I love the script, and I think you have great potential. I’d like tohip pocketyou and see if we can make something happen ”- I really like this scenario, and I think you’re a potential person. I am very happy to support this project and see what we can achieve with it. ”

12. Left Word

Action to leave a message by phone

Example:“ I left word for Matt Damon ”- I left a message for Matt Damon (an actor in Hollywood)

13. MacGuffin

The term MacGuffin refers to the object the hero (main character) or other characters are looking for, such as: a nuclear weapon, a secret code, a treasure map, a book bag , …

Example: “In MI: 3 the MacGuffin is a bioweapon called, ‘The Rabbit’s Foot'” – In the movie Mission Impossible Part 3 (MI: 3), MacGuffin is a chemical weapon called Rabbit leg

14. On the Nose

phrases just a joke this standard, a certain detail in the movie too silly, ridiculous, unacceptable or is too easy to guess.

for example: “this joke about being neurotic Larry David is too on the nose. ”- The joke about Larry David’s mental illness is unacceptable.

15. Returning For

The act of calling someone back, contacting someone again.

For example: “Matt Damon returning for Amy Pascal” – Matt Damon call Amy Pascal back

16. Self-contained, arc’ed, format, docu, hybrid

These are terms you must know to be able to distinguish between genres. episode TV series.

Self-contained: is every episode is a separate short story and they are not related to each other.

– Arc’d: only a story spanning several episodes.

– Format: only the story has game details and game rules.

– Docu: the movies made with real details and documents

– Hybrid: is a combination of Format and Docu ..

Example: “Our cooking show is like Top Chef in the sense that it’s self-contained and uses a format, but our show goes more into the lives of the contestants and is really a hybrid” – In the footage, the broadcast Our Chef King image belongs to the self-contained genre, each episode is separate and unrelated, and all contestants participate and follow the rules of the game. But when shown on television, it shows the reality of other contestants more and is more like a hybrid, just has rules, games, and real details.

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