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Do not write a screenplay if you do not understand about filmmaking

April 29, 2019

Screenwriters and novelists have very little in common. In fact, some of the novel writers are bad film writers. F. Scott Fitzgerald is one of the most famous examples. Why is this a problem? From a film making perspective, it’s quite obvious. The script is not a book. They are blueprints. They are instructions for making a movie. Writing a script without understanding filmmaking is like working on a blueprint without ever going to a real home.

So when I said that there was a skill that writers need, I was talking about making films. The script is the movie itself, just created in text form. Everything that follows the screenplay, from filming and editing to marketing, is provided with information and data through the film the writer creates in his head. Good writers are directors and editors and sometimes even studio designers. They merely copy what they imagine and write it down on paper. There should not be many voices in the writer’s description. Characters and scenes should encompass the idea in our imagination with the generic images they create in the reader’s mind.

Writer is Director

This is why filmmakers are easier to write scripts than story writers. Novelists rarely write scripts for their books. Screenwriters must focus on what a movie can do with the visual and sound limitations. We can hear the dialogue, and the sound. So the screenwriters can use them. We can see what is happening in a scene. In addition to the main activities, we should focus on which parts. Something related to the story and can’t be dropped. This may be in the movie scenario. However we only need information for the story. What we don’t need are decorative patterns or wall paintings, unless they make sense.

The writer is a montage

In addition to describing what you see and hear, the writer must also function as the film’s raw editor. This means deciding when a scene begins and ends. Usually writers should try and start a scene in the latest part of a scene and end it as soon as possible. This allows us to get the information we need, without having to stop at an unnecessary scene for too long. Collage is one of the most important elements of filmmaking. Although most of this is not a scriptwriter’s job, it’s important to know how the scenes work together. There should be a way for each scene to respond to the previous scene in different ways. Readers need to try to find out what’s happening next and it’s the scriptwriter’s job to stimulate our inner curiosity and create a sense of mystery with each successive scene.

Your writing skill is the secondary skill of filmmaking when it comes to writing screenplays. For many writers / directors, the script is really just a spelling article of what they will create later with a crew of a few hundred people. However, writers have more in common with moviegoers than anyone in film production.

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