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Review “A Star Is Born” (2018) – A sweet love song but hard to touch the victory of Oscar

July 18, 2018

Bradley Cooper first went on to direct the film “A Star Is Born” – a remastered version of the original 1937 ( Two of another one debuted in 1954 and then again in 1976). Each reworked version brings new details based on the original storyline by emphasizing the different elements (namely, having strong versions of relationships but also having a more focused version. music), and the producers also updated the music industry in the present day into the movie and invited the big stars.

Ignoring opposing opinions, many seem to agree that Cooper is one of the makers of the best remake of the past. Led by the amazing performances and accurate direction of Cooper, “A Star Is Born” is truly a touching love story.

“A Star Is Born” was told about Jack (actor Bradley Cooper) – a famous singer and musician who is very successful. In one evening after a concert, Jack stopped at a nightclub on his way home to find a drink and he did not realize that it was a gay bar. Jack was even more surprised when he saw a young woman named Ally (actress / singer Lady Gaga) perform there and apparently she was making an extremely admirable crowd with her amazing voice. After impressing Ally with her own musical talent after the show, Jack persuaded her to drink a glass with her and from there, the couple quickly became more intimate.

Feeling that Ally would never see Jack again after they were together that night, Ally was shocked when Jack invited her to his next concert. According to his plan, Jack will arrange for Ally to perform one of his songs with him on stage in front of the crowd. But before Ally knew it, she quickly became a music superstar, even in her relationship with Jack hatched into a rather romantic affair. However, when everything turns on Ally starts to feel good, Jack feels that his lifestyle is beginning to wear out and worse, he has to struggle to confront the demon hidden deep. in the mind … Finally, he realized that his time in front of the limelight might be coming to an end.

Written by Cooper, Will Fetters and Eric Roth, “A Star Is Born” has succeeded in telling the story of a struggling musician with a younger and more humorous version, yet No changes to the original version. This remake version of 2018 was born with a new look in the way it depicts the characters in the movie struggling with their negative emotions and struggling to resolve the painful memories.

The relationship between Jack and Ally has played a key role in “A Star Is Born”. Cooper brought in a really successful cast as an emotionally charged character like Jack – a character that could easily become scary but still charismatic and compassionate. Lady Gaga has been fighting off the emotional part of Cooper for much of the film, but both Ally and Gaga’s performance have been as well-developed as she is in real life. However, the romantic sparks flying between Cooper and Gaga on the big screen are so natural and irresistible that the viewer can clearly see their love story.

Like many people before, from the actor to the director, Cooper has a pretty good storyteller, even though it’s the first time he’s been behind the camera. At the same time, he also had a deep understanding of the technical aspects of filmmaking. “A Star Is Born” did a great job of creating a dramatic portrayal of the character’s experience, using a lot of natural light and careful sound design and this helped the story. they are more than ever.

The main issue that prevents “A Star Is Born” from reaching the big awards is that it’s more about a romantic movie than a story of celebrity and business success. “A Star Is Born” began to dangle in its second episode – when describing Ally’s popularity and Jack’s disappearance in the limelight. The film is a wonderful romantic love song that is remade and in fact, the film must be named “A Star Is Born” remake.

Overall, though, “A Star Is Born” was a great start to Cooper’s career. In addition to acting and filmmaking, “A Star Is Born” is further enhanced by unique and memorable music. Sweet love songs alone make the movie worth watching and can not be ignored in the autumn of 2018.

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