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Finding Dory (2016) – Here’s the our lovely Pixar!

April 28, 2018

The surprising thing is the quality of this movie. I entered the theater with the mind waiting a “Car 2 (2011)” because Pixar’s unprecedented success when promoted to a minor character became the protagonist. But my response is a work of quality on par with “Toy Story”. Funny, lovely and touching, brings emotional moments magical, this is worth watching most Pixar films within the past 5 years. For me, it even surpasses the “Insided Out” (2015)

Ignoring 13 years of spacing than the first film, causing manufacturers to replace the voices most of the characters, the time of the events in Dory just 6 months compared to Finding Nemo. Dory had moved to live with my father Marlin. One day, the family memories in the minds suddenly appeared on Dory. Her blue fish returning to the ocean determination to find their parents missing. Of course, with pre-minded remember to forget later, the new adventures of Dory will not be easy.

Andrew Stanton, director and writer of the first section, turn to the role of Dory Finding. He is very clever in choosing approaches to new scenarios. If 13 years ago kids Nemo conquered by nature adventure, bringing a world vastly overwhelmed in the ocean, then Dory wrapped only in a context of oceanographic institute. Stanton did not repeat what was old. But that does not mean the film diminished curiosity or attraction. Oceanographic Institute in the movie does not play a role as a world to explore, but to set the scene for the action – what Stanton performed excellently in the film.

Finding Dory chuech fuck the opening minutes, the reason for failure of the movie Cars 2 or better, but still far away sometimes early versions Monster University (2013), which is in the main character. Mater, Mike, this is the 3rd or Dory very charming and beloved as a supporting character, but not the ideal choice for the lead role. That is the only character to shine as he stood next to another character. The first 30 minutes did not belong to Dory, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres famous MC. She fishes alone proved the absence Marlin, cumbersome in the dialogue, and the joke is no longer forget humor.

Stanton solve this weakness in display of a character shine Others: Octopus Hank (Ed O’Neill voiced). Or octopus called superhuman, like horse Maximus plaque in Tangle so, is the soul of the film. He wanted to please stick with Dory because the card “retired” accidentally attached to her fish. Hank is sure to be many children love, the way we love Dory in the first section. Thanks to Hank, the film began to beat smoothly and so maintain this level until the end.

The humor of the movie screen very pleasant, from dialogue to action, but is most praiseworthy in staging minor character. Also Hank also has a white whale named Bailey with “superpowers” line ultrasonic detector, a childhood friend named Destiny fish (Fate), two sea lions pretty self-absorbed, a bird silly name Bucky. They are very cute, and every instance brings laughter. Even a super-sub character is the son (the release of pearls) screamed “Shelly” makes me excited.

And of course, do Finding Dory brand created by Pixar, is causing us to tears at the beautiful moments. It seems they really are witches of emotions. I waited, and wondered, after so many ways, in detail, and all tricks have been used, while Pixar magic again? Nothing new in the message, is about family love, the love parents for their children and vice versa, like Nemo. Yet just one light switch camera angles, subtle, a little detail but have talent to use, any rational human shields were knocked out. And I know this is that I love Pixar, how many years.

That’s not all, because there is a sequence in the other great music at the end of the movie, Finding Dory turned into one of the best Pixar movies, and was one of the best animated film of the year. After Cars 2 and Monsters University, Pixar ultimately probably already know how to go with modern trends, as do the sequel. We still love this film studios by originality and creativity, but if they keep the quality as Finding Dory, I think none of us would protest.

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